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In this journey, you’re about to explore the vast majority of people who dedicate their lives to express themseleves in forms that are quite unique to the outside world Skateboarding is Art, Skateboarding is a source of Peace, and Skateboarding is Fun.         Shamaz (Green t-shirt) shredding the streets of Bangalore. Click the video link below to find out how Holystoked NEXT GENERATION….NEXT LEVEL SHIT!!! Filmed and Edited By Baumi Baumsen https://www.facebook.com/HolyStoked/posts/1322929137786855     By William Kerrigan This previous Sunday session was definitely a Holy one. I’ve never had the opportunity to…read more


Meet the 5 year old Skater of Bangalore.

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    Hi, I am ILAN. I was born on 8th of Dec-2011. My dad says I started to walk in 11 months. My journey of skateboarding began on May 2o16, with HolyStoked. I love meeting new people and making friends. It always excites me to discover new things and so I was attracted to this lovely sport which today has become my dearest passion. Be it a lift lobby or an empty road near my apartment, I glide with my skateboard wherever I find a suitable ramp. Half-flip and…read more

54 pictures to raise funds for more concrete to skate in India

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 “54 pictures to raise funds for more concrete to skate in India” is a photozine by Finn Regener and features photos from the past 12 months he spent living and working with the Holystoked Collective in Bangalore and from his travels throughout Northern Europe with many friends he met during those rad times. All profits of this book will be donated towards the skatepark builds nearby Anjuna, Goa and in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh. This book and lots of other artwork by the Holystoked Collective and friends will be exhibited on the…read more

Holystoked Collective out at the Vans New Wave Musicfest in Goa

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The crew was invited to build a miniramp between some of the stages of VANS New Wave Musicfest which happened on a go-kart track in South Goa. The building of this ramp became more complicated than planned due to pouring rain and limited electricity on the days before the festival. At the start of the festival on Saturday the planned miniramp looked rather like a halfpipe showcase from the 80’s . The music and cold drinks kept the mood and the sessions on a high level  the whole weekend! The…read more

An interview with Lujain – Maldive’s leading girl skater

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Subject: Project down at RAALHUGANDU SKATE PARK, Maldives Words by Lujain Interview and edit by Atita Photos – Raalhugaandu Skatepark 31.5.2014 Maldives is a place where water makes up most of the country. But these guys in main city Male, managed to find a spot for some concrete, bang opposite their home surf break. Not just a rad penis bowl spot with a good view but the ocean with some waves to cool off right there! Or grab a different board. I hit up Lujain, the heading woman of Raalhugandu…read more

The hardest bit about skating in Pondicherry,

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    Its 34 degrees but it feels more like 40. Sweat pours off me even if I am sitting in the shade trying to not move. We still managed to get a lot of skating in over the weekend of the annual Summer Swell Challenge surf competition this year at Pondi. Fun fact is that Summer Swell Challenge is a surf comp. organized independently of the ISF (Indian surf federation) so winning this doesn’t give you points in the overall yearly ranking surfers have in India. Sounds too much…read more