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An interview with Lujain – Maldive’s leading girl skater

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Subject: Project down at RAALHUGANDU SKATE PARK, Maldives Words by Lujain Interview and edit by Atita Photos – Raalhugaandu Skatepark 31.5.2014 Maldives is a place where water makes up most of the country. But these guys in main city Male, managed to find a spot for some concrete, bang opposite their home surf break. Not just a rad penis bowl spot with a good view but the ocean with some waves to cool off right there! Or grab a different board. I hit up Lujain, the heading woman of Raalhugandu…read more

The hardest bit about skating in Pondicherry,

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    Its 34 degrees but it feels more like 40. Sweat pours off me even if I am sitting in the shade trying to not move. We still managed to get a lot of skating in over the weekend of the annual Summer Swell Challenge surf competition this year at Pondi. Fun fact is that Summer Swell Challenge is a surf comp. organized independently of the ISF (Indian surf federation) so winning this doesn’t give you points in the overall yearly ranking surfers have in India. Sounds too much…read more