Holystoked Collective out at the Vans New Wave Musicfest in Goa

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The crew was invited to build a miniramp between some of the stages of VANS New Wave Musicfest which happened on a go-kart track in South Goa. The building of this ramp became more complicated than planned due to pouring rain and limited electricity on the days before the festival.

At the start of the festival on Saturday the planned miniramp looked rather like a halfpipe showcase from the 80’s . The music and cold drinks kept the mood and the sessions on a high level ┬áthe whole weekend!

The longer the days the more gnar gnar the slams became (get well soon Subba) – mostly due to the skateboard-sized holes in the transition – but “the burning coping” (Holystoked classic) literally added more fuel to the session on Sunday.

Thank you VANS for having us out there.

Filming : Jacob Wiese
Edit : Jacob Wiese, Shakenbake, Finn
Music : ALT + J

Shoutout to Voctronica for the song.