Meet the 5 year old Skater of Bangalore.

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Hi, I am ILAN.

I was born on 8th of Dec-2011. My dad says I started to walk in 11 months. My journey of skateboarding began on May 2o16, with HolyStoked.
I love meeting new people and making friends. It always excites me to discover new things and so I was attracted to this lovely sport which today has become my dearest passion.

Be it a lift lobby or an empty road near my apartment, I glide with my skateboard wherever I find a suitable ramp. Half-flip and ramp drop-ins are my favourite tricks and I would like to master five o, 180 kick turn, rock to fakie and carving.

My dad is always worried about my safety since the day I had some minor elbow bruises. It wasn’t my skateboard’s fault but mine, for being so careless and silly. He is also concerned about the rising pressure of competition that chokes the pleasure of learning. But I promise you Dad, I enjoy skateboarding and my love for this sport is what keeps me going.
There are things that even I am scared of, like drop-in from a high ramp and the community security guards of course.

I have introduced skateboarding to all of my friends. One such friend once asked, “What is the difference between skateboarding and horse riding?” I replied, “Skateboard has wheels and horses have legs” :)

My parents believe skateboarding provides exposure and confidence, it enables one to accept that failures and falls are part of life and continued practice would convert it into success. Initially, I used to be afraid of falling, but not anymore. I am more confident and creative than ever before. I have invented few tricks which my Dad thinks are crazy, but that motivates me to explore more. I really want to become a Skateboarding Coach in future and spread the learnings that I will accomplish.

Skateboarding is fun you know, particularly competition is what I love the most and victory is what I compete for.