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In this journey, you’re about to explore the vast majority of people who dedicate their lives to express themseleves in forms that are quite unique to the outside world

Skateboarding is Art, Skateboarding is a source of Peace, and Skateboarding is Fun.





Mostly Sunday's we head out looking for "Skate Spots"

Shamaz (Green t-shirt) shredding the streets of Bangalore.

Click the video link below to find out how Holystoked NEXT GENERATION….NEXT LEVEL SHIT!!! Filmed and Edited By Baumi Baumsen



_T0J0218By William Kerrigan

This previous Sunday session was definitely a Holy one. I’ve never had the opportunity to skate the wild streets with so many good people and skate styles! Thanks to the growing Indian skateboarding scene, and Holystoked Collective; that unique experience is made possible to anyone who wants to share the stoke. With a diverse crew of many nationalities joining together to immerse their selves in life, interact with the public community in which they live or visit, share positive vibes, and learn all along the way; there is no reason not to support this scene or come get involved yourself!
Can’t wait for next Sunday! Thank’s Holystoked!

Pushing to find some luck.




By Mark Mugendi
Sunday 2nd of April,  session victory was just phenomenal I’m pretty new here… but I can tell you something for certain that these people are just amazing.  We went to many spots not sure where we were but the spots were just pointed jaw-dropping, it was like a mixture of dense wildlife and smooth ledge marble… so well everybody was getting KFC in there I mean even when you just chilling you can best believe you’ll have a good time.

Kickflip in the Garden City

By Mukesh Feliz (Captain)
Yesterday morning session was so awesome.
I was skating with my homies and finding so many spots, rough Ledge’s, pushing on the black road. Dammmmm! It was a GREAT day can’t wait for the next week skate session.
“Ha ha ha every Sunday is a party on the road, hehe it’s the best thing ever”
-Mukesh Feliz
Mukesh manages to do a salad grind...with Style ofcourse!

Mukesh manages to do a salad grind…with Style ofcourse!


One of the winners in the  latest Skate Session

One of the winners in the latest Skate Session

Hi, my name is Kevin Cazal, I am 26 and I am from Reunion Island (Indian Ocean). I came to India for my studies about 10 months ago now. During the first 6 months of my new life in India I didn’t skate because I could not manage it along with the college but since the beginning of this year I started again skating and I am so happy that in India you can find some skatepark and other places to do it. On April 2nd I have been skating the street of Bengaluru with the Holystoked team and it has been a really great experience for me. It was my first street session and I met so many skateboarders from different country and places with so much skills. I liked the vibe and the fact that we were skating from spot to spot like we were exploring the city by skating it. I am so stoked that it’s gonna be like this every Sunday and I hope I would be able to join it regularly. Finally I think that India can become a really fun destination for skateboarders in the years to come. I hope there will be more and more people involved in the movement and that we will continue to have fun all together. Cheers



Kevin clears an ollie down the steps off his bucket list

Kevin clears an ollie down the steps off his bucket list