DiY Skatepark at Cirrus: Injecting Growth Hormone

DiY Skatepark at Cirrus: Injecting Growth Hormone

 Cirrus at Anjuna, a skate park in progress since 2014.

It was February 2014 and we just finished up a small DIY at the Alis bowl in Morjim. Some new faces were around and they came back the next day with an idea to build another DIY in Goa.


Poorna jumped on the idea and put me in touch with Iggy and I went to Cirrus for the first time. There was a fence of plastic bottles and on the other side was this totally alternate reality than what was on the street. The crew at the time was three dudes from Bielefeld, Germany, and Mintu, the human concrete mixer.


We started with a mini ramp and then shoved a metal drum in the centre and made it into a sketchy bump. The ramp was fun to build and skate as well. All funds were raised the week before by Cirrus throwing some mad parties.


Dainel, Marius, and Mathias from Bielefeld

Dainel, Marius, and Mathias from Bielefeld 👆


One year later I got a call from some Aussie dudes who were travelling to India and we’re hyped to do some more DIYs. So I called Iggy and said let’s make an extension to the ramp. This time we made a couple of corners and just extended the ramps all around. This made the park even more fun and gave it some flow.



Adam and Ben the Aussies

Adam and Ben the Aussies 👆


We had some fun times there for sure but now five years later with all these new skate parks all over the country, it’s time to give this one a face lift. Iggy is again going to throw some mad parties (maybe online this time because of the Covid) to raise funds to make a really fun skate park into a really awesome skate park. 


Cirrus Goa skatepark


To know more about the upcoming fix up of the park, go to the Cirrus on Instagram. You can donate if you feel charitable or you could share the link with your more privileged friends.


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