Doctors Recommendations

Doctors Recommendations

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

Ok maybe that’s oversimplifying, sometimes when I am skating I get these thoughts that are completely unrelated to skating (this usually results in a slam of some sort). I was thinking about all the news about COVID going around, people are getting properly schooled about wearing masks and constantly using hand sanitizers. Maybe it’s time to think about the fact that you need to build stronger immunity by eating healthy and getting enough sleep and exercise.

The past months have taught us lots of people don’t need to leave home to earn a living, who are really essential workers, and governments of the world don’t really care about most of the population. Which is why I urge you to stop believing in a vaccine to save you, and think about living healthier.


Better to pay for better food than to pay for medicine. Crossing the road can be fatal, cooking can be fatal, taking a bath can be fatal but you get to work, eat and clean your body just to “stay” alive. I am all for social distancing and all ( I mean living in India it’s finally a relief that shoving your junk into the person ahead of you and breathing down their neck is finally frowned upon) but we are social and we need our friends and families in these harsh times to be around.


So stop focusing on the latest developments in the field of medicine and get researching on healthier lifestyle choices. Oh right about skateboarding….that is great for health as well….I mean it can be injurious to your body too but overall it’s great…..I mean you get to put your body at risk of getting hurt just so you can “feel” alive. Remember to question the food you eat, the habits you keep and always bear in mind that you are all going to die anyway just don’t be an asshole when you are alive.

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