Doing Nose Picks and Other Words Misnamed

Doing Nose Picks and Other Words Misnamed

You know when someone does a one foot Ollie and someone says, “Hey, did you just do an Ollie north?”

There is this snide voice popping into your head saying “That’s a one foot Ollie” or the other way around. Well, there is a whole generation of people skating before Tony hawk pro skate was a thing.


Most people know names of skateboarding tricks because of it and the makers of the game renamed some things. I heard someone once call an Ollie 360 Shuv a 360 Beak Spin (I don’t talk to that guy anymore)???


I mean does it matter? Technically an Ollie Flip is a Switch Fakie Flip, a Full Cab is a Fakie 360, a Fakie revert 50 is a Chink Chink and the list can endlessly go on.


Some dudes get really hung up on this nomenclature of skate tricks thing. In short, nobody really cares what we say any more. Words have different meanings and connotations. Someone recently told me disabled has a negative connotation, so now we have to say differently-abled.


You can’t say fat or overweight or obese you have to say large personality, I am not an addict I am soberly challenged etc, etc. So it doesn’t matter if there are already words to describe certain things, we can make up our own.


So two people could be meaning the same thing but saying different words. Mental retardation is a medical term but we have to say special. So the next time you come up with a new word for something that already exists, then you are special. Maybe I just called you a retard but maybe I just meant you are special because special has a meaning already.


So in conclusion if you hear someone say Ollie North and you find yourself jumping to set him straight to call it a One Foot Ollie, just remember, the simple truth of life……nobody gives a shit!

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