Don't be sad, you are on a skateboard!!!

Don't be sad, you are on a skateboard!!!

What is the point of skating? Get asked that question some and there is no solid answer to that. I mean when you get down to the absolute bottom of reality, what is the point of anything really. Why get up in the morning, why go to work, why fornicate and reproduce, have kids and make another being go through all the pointless(ness) all over and over again? Some people believe we are here for a purpose and that we need to suffer the misery and pain of life just to feel the few moments that don’t suck. Those moments are all we live for(did I already mention the suffering) . And if there were no terrible moments then there would be no awesome times cause then we don’t have a yardstick to compare and we can’t legitimately say we are having a “good time” as compared to a “bad time”. Well that’s why we need some skateboarding to give us some perspective. If I didn’t fall down hard trying a nosepick off a wall then there is no satisfaction when I finally roll away from it. It takes a few mouthfuls of dirt to understand the happiness of “the make” and if I don’t finally land the trick I can’t give up cause now I have invested the time and effort to face plant a few times. You gotta persevere man through the pain and misery for the few seconds of joy. I guess it doesn’t pay as much as having a shit job but then the joyful moments are closer together when it comes to skateboarding. For me it is skateboarding for others it may be surfing, knitting or maybe even killing(like serial killers ) we are all just waiting for the next rush of excitement, that next hit of dopamine, that little bit of life that doesn’t suck. With skating you can get that over and over again (without damaging others) and maybe that’s the point of it. As a skater my need to satisfy the hunger for happiness pushes me out the door and onto my board . I mean all I have to do is look at the news for motivation, all that negativity entering my system needs an outlet to balance things. Most people don’t find the thing that could balance their misery and for them I would suggest skateboarding for sure and I would ask them to read this so they understand. Your life can suck a lot less if you find out what makes you feel less horrible. Go do that thing, I believe in you and you need to believe in yourself.

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  • Eric

    Good article, haven’t been on a skateboard since I got my drivers license. Now married with kids and just turned 41 I’m finally back on a board to try to figure out who I am as a person again. Through falls, frustrations and the joy of finally landing the trick or just feeling the wind on my face as I zip down a hill I’m finally reminded of who I was/am. I’m a totally mediocre skater, but a skater no less, and this makes me happy. Skating is my zen in life.

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