Evolution Of Skateboards And What Ever This Is

Evolution Of Skateboards And What Ever This Is

Once, someone had this great idea to take roller skate trucks and wheels to stick on to a plank of wood and millions of people loved it for decades after. This great product got so many users so hooked onto it that they gave it a lifestyle of its own. There were magazines, movies, mtv presentations and endorsements from so many celebrities.

The skateboard was a great invention and has gone through stages of development to arrive at today’s modern skateboard which contain all sort of technology to make sure skaters can get the ultimate shred out of it. But the skateboard hasn’t changed much in terms of its general shape and usability. I mean it still is just a plank of wood (shaped better than before) with wheels, bearings and trucks which are still very similar to the original boards. Only the materials have become better and stronger. So where can skateboards evolve from here? Well here is a look at what some people have been working on to make the next generation of skaters.

The tee board. Well as you can see from the picture it is a skateboard deck with what look like the wheels you would find attached to the bottom of your grandma's tv cabinet so you could roll it from the bedroom to the dining hall. Well if the future of skateboarding is all about moving tv sets around so we can have a better view while eating this product is way before it’s time.


The raZorsole. That’s a cool name for a piece of plastic with three plastic wheels attached to it. Like anything in this world the future could be plastic. I mean we done it to other modes transportation like cars and bikes where as much of metal and wood has been replaced mostly by plastic. Now it is time for skateboards to get high tech ie.plastic. Is the future of skateboarding got one less wheel? I don’t know about that.

 The freebord. Well they put some thought into this one. They wanted a skateboard to feel like a snowboard. It seems like they added the parts of the Tee board to a regular cruiser and added hooks to strap your board to your feet. While the last entry removed a wheel this board adds two extra wheels. So now you can move your granny’s tv and then some.


Streetboard. This board has a nose and tail which move independently of each other which makes it more like a wiggle board. Well if you have to wiggle your butt to go up a mellow hill trust me you'd rather carry your board and walk up rather than looking like an idiot.



The freelineskates. While everyone is living in a world of skateboards, freelineskates is from a timeline where we did away with the board and just kept the skate. These aren’t strapped to your feet so I have no idea how this actually works (must be some futuristic technology based on quantum physics). 


After much research I think I found my favourite evolution of our beloved shred stick. It is the shaggo grom. Part skateboard , part carpet slippers. You would want this to push from a hot shower to your bedroom. Is this what the next generation of skaters may be riding? I don’t think so…but who knows what future holds.


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