Get More Time to Skate by Texting Smarter

Get More Time to Skate by Texting Smarter

“Omg ill brb wtf this dude jus fs kf indy 540’d gtg celebrate with the homies” and other expletives in short form.

Life is moving fast and its moving even faster on a skateboard. Skaters (like everyone else) now want their communication to be visual and vivid while getting their messages out real quick.


Who even types “okay” ((k)) or “that was a nice chat we had, I look forward to speaking again” ((gtg cya))? Forget phrases, we now don’t have the time to type out a full word like xtreme, gonna, sht, fck and it goes on. I think by omitting to type a few alphabets for the past couple of years I have saved up enough time to collect up to 10 abbreviations for chatting with fellow skaters:

NBD/Abd  Never been done/already been done

Easy way to finger someone into getting hurt “yo why don’t you make the nose pick off the vert quarter it’s an NBD.”

Nsfs – Not safe for skating

Somethings are just not worth it , but then again who am I kidding? If something is nsfs you have got to at least try.

EG – Eating ground 

As in “I really over committed that time and ended up EG, lols.


CCed – Credit carded

When the board gets in your ass crack and swipes for a withdrawal.

BBP – Busted by the police

Like our last diy just got BBP.

OmtOne more try 

I'll call you right back been throwing down this 8 stair gonna give it the good ol omt.

Lgs – Let’s go shred

Easy way to invite the homies out.

BTN – Busting them nips

When it gets too hot and you gotta skate shirtless.

GFT – Got fucked trying

As in “my ankle hurts I GFT a kickflip yesterday.”

SFP – Sucker for punishment

Can be used to describe people who can’t have a skate sesh without a few good falls.

Maybe in the future everything will just be emojis and we will totally do away with words. Maybe the Egyptians had it right the first time. Who am I kidding again, I am totally going to learn some new words today.

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