Getting involved or involved in getting…..

Getting involved or involved in getting…..

Well it’s been a long while since I wrote here. We been busy doing a bunch of stuff at the local skatepark and this got me thinking about why our skatepark is awesome and about the people who are responsible for the awesomeness.


I classify all those who visit the skatepark into a few groups. The first group are those who are completely involved in making our DIY constantly better, selflessly and everyone recognises this group as the core. Whether it is building, organising, cooking or making the trip to the supermarket this group of people have my utmost respect.


The second group of people at the park are the skate rats. They come to the park just to skate as much as possible and then leave with neither obligations nor expectations. Well the park is meant for skating so I can’t grudge these kids coming to shred and nothing else. This I call the “user group”. They just use the park without feeling the need to make a contribution. The user group in my opinion don’t cause any damage but they have room for improvement in their attitude.


Then comes what I call the “abuser group”. These people not only come to skate they also want to use the park like their personal party hotspot where they would invite their other loser friends (who don’t skate at all but just sniffing around for a good time) to drink and smoke after hours. The abusers make no contributions to our sacred space while at the same time invite themselves to every event which is usually organised by and for the core group of the place. People like this annoy me and one of these days they are gonna land up after closing time at the park, after I have had the perfect number of beers to drop some truth bombs on their ass.


So in summation I would like to suggest to everyone to rethink how they use their local DIY skatepark. It’s free to skate but that doesn’t mean someone isn’t paying for it in money, time, or effort. If you believe the skatepark is yours then better treat it like your child and care for it accordingly. Even if you pick up a broom and clean the space for everyone you are getting involved. Just showing up when someone opens a beer or lights a smoke means you are only involved in getting what you want.
I have deliberately left out the lurkers who don’t skate or do anything worthwhile. They just sit on the sidelines like poisonous potted plants (not vegetables because those have a use). These don’t fall into any group because they aren’t people, they are weeds to be ripped out.

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