How to Pass Time When You're Injured

How to Pass Time When You're Injured


Skateboarders are injury-prone!

Tempting as it may be, jumping on to your board right after an injury, may not be the best idea.

Skateboarding is a lifestyle and a hard one at that. Most skateboarders know the drill - you skate your heart out, you get injured, it heals, and then you’re on to the next injury when you try something new.

The time between injuries takes a toll on a skateboarder’s mind as it sets them back from hopping onto the board again and pushing forward.

Sitting on the sidelines with a broken ankle or knee, for example, is tough.

During this time, it's important to keep yourself occupied, while your body takes its time to heal fully. We’ve come up with a few things that can keep your hype up and your mind at ease before you’re ready to get back on your board.


  1. Watch skate videos and movies

Next time you are hurt and sitting at home, put on Blind, Video Days and see how that feels. You will automatically feel like a part of the skateboarding movement again and being a couch potato won't feel so bad anymore.


  1. You finally have time to edit all that skate footage you have!

Every skater films a lot, but most of the footage seems to just disappear and after a couple of months of filming you can't find that clip of your kick flip at that special spot. Now that you have all the time to edit, use it to create videos or short clips. This will keep your mind off the injury and at the same time, take you back to that spot and that trick which you worked so hard to make.


  1. Customize your board!

When a skateboarder gets injured he/she is mostly just waiting to start skating again. So what better way to wait than prepare your skateboard for your comeback. You can do grip tape art or deck art so that you have an awesome fresh deck for the pictures you will take as soon as the injury is over. Creating something intricate and time-consuming will improve your concentration for the next session.


  1. Take this time to surf

Sometimes the injury is only bad enough to stop you from skating but other activities don't hurt. Surfing is great for such an injury as the water is easier on the knees and doesn't hurt as much when you take a slam. Once you get the hang of surfing (which only improves your skating style) you will find it an addictive alternative to skating when your body is sore.


  1. Explore yoga for your pre/post skate session

You have time to explore yoga and find what works for you. There’s a lot you can find online and from friends about a variety of stretches and strengthening poses that you could use as a skater. Yoga helps in keeping your body in a much better state long term.


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Xothan Xami

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