If Padding Up Reduces Pain, Why Are Pads Hated On So Much?

If Padding Up Reduces Pain, Why Are Pads Hated On So Much?

Pads have had a real bad rep in the past two decades since vert and pool skating became old school and most skaters started moving to the streets for their fix. But pads could still save you a lot of misery even on the streets. Why don’t skaters wear them? Are they setting a bad example for the kids? Here are some common reasons heard from skaters for not wearing pads:

“I never wore any protective gear as spending extra money just wasn’t worth it to me. I had a couple bad falls that probably would not have been as bad if I wore some but after skating for a while I learned how to fall and when to bail as to not hurt myself but if you are starting skating I would definitely recommend at least a helmet and wrist protection if not knee pads as well.”

“Because when it’s over 100 degrees out pads make everything really hot.”

“To not wear a helmet is foolish, really, but pads don’t prevent or even deter breaks or sprains unless you fall REALLY hard directly onto your elbow or knee. I honestly couldn’t give a shit if I scrape my knees and elbows up. I’d rather that than limit my mobility in my limbs which directly affects my performance. If I can’t move my legs right, I have a greater chance of falling. I would never ever ever ever feel that it’s a truly bad idea to wear pads, though. It’s just my personal preference as I don’t see the payout being great enough to act on it. I’ve been skating for 15 years and this is really just my opinion. I’m not trying to encourage you not to wear pads, but to understand why I never will.”

“It's not a gunshot you don't need to protect your heart from from a short fall. Be skeptical about it if you want, but it's pretty liberating to not need a helmet and pads.”

There are some skaters who wouldn’t be caught without their helmet and pads, whether they are at a skatepark or out rolling on the streets. This debate doesn’t seem to end here and there will always be some argument about this issue as more parks are making protection gear mandatory. One thing is certain though. Most skaters understand that there isn’t much stuff in their heads worth two bits of protection so they prefer not to waste money on any helmets.

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