Learn to Tattoo and Literally Anything from Home

Learn to Tattoo and Literally Anything from Home

It’s the 15th and lockdown began in Bangalore (again). Have you got a midlife crysis going on? Or is it a complete mental break down with a side of existential dread? Or are you just bored? Well then some art will chill you right down. Hey buddies today we gonna use our blog to shamelessly promote some new friends of ours.

As a skateboarder trapped in our house during this holiday season where the cops probably dont take too kindly to skating around in the great outdoors, we all are looking for something to do. Always nice to learn something new and be constructive with all the free time.

Do you wish to impress your loved ones with artistic baking? Or do you want to gift your significant other a sketched portrait? You can learn it all online at this great website called Learn It Like Aliens. They started off as a tattoo studio called Aliens Tattoos and went on to start teaching tattooing online. Now their website teaches all sorts of artsy things.

For those who don’t wish to stop at just hobbies, there are tutorials for art professionals. Learn new things and start a side-business! Remember, even Facebook got its success in midst of an economic crisis. It’s never a bad time to start a side-business!

I’d say side-business because you do not need to quit your regular job to pursue learning. You need to prosper artistically while you continue to support yourself and your family until your side-business is capable of doing the same.
LiLA (Learn It Like Aliens) hosts various industry leaders who are veterans in tattooing, sketching, hairdressing, baking, and many other professions. These experts will themselves mentor and guide you to develop your creative minds. 
Watch and learn various art forms from multiple experts in their respective fields.

Go embrace your curiosity, learn and expand your potential. Go to www.learnitlikealiens.com to know more about their services and offerings. They also have some free tutorials that you can check out simply by signing up for free.

The best part is that you can pace yourself and learn at your own time. No need to schedule your art classes around your day job, you can resume right where you left and continue learning as per you convenience. Neat!


LiLA also hosts a plethora of super-informative webinars to which you can gain access. So if you are someone who can benefit from the boons of online art learning (this means “ you” if you are getting ready to blow your brains out), you know what to do. Go learn to do draw something like this (btw these artists are teaching on their website as well as tattooing people in their studio).

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