“Nobody saw it didn’t happen” , the Schrodinger's rule of skateboarding.

“Nobody saw it didn’t happen” , the Schrodinger's rule of skateboarding.

“Nobody saw it didn’t happen” , the Schrodinger's rule of skateboarding.
The age old philosophical debate of “if a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to observe, does it make a sound?” My answer is obviously yes but there are other schools of thought on the subject. Well if someone claims to have kickflipped the gap and nobody was there to see it did it really happen? This brings me to this brave new world where news has taught us distrust, the world can only be viewed with cynicism and anybody who claims anything better have video proof to back it up.
When I started skating (not very long back) camera phones could give you a barely visible image. It was a long process to shoot a video and edit cause my camcorder (it’s a home video camera) shot on hi 8 and none of my friends had anything else either. Let’s just say technology has made it easier to shoot and put out skate clips and back then who could be bothered with all the work when that time could be spent skating. Which brings me to the question why do we have to constantly film ourselves skating.
1. It’s art we are creating and we want to share that art.
2. It’s proof and we want everyone to believe in our capabilities.
I only agree with the first reason to film skating. Nowadays there are too many kids who constantly need approval from others. “Watch me” and “did you see that” are now common words at a skate session. No I didn’t see that but I’ll believe you if you describe your experience. You are not a celebrity and you don’t need anyone’s approval, maybe Instagram did that by making everyone a star in their own movie. You are not a politician or a journo so I will believe you if you say you did what you did.
So go out have a good session land some new tricks (without thinking about who is watching) because skateboarding for yourself will help you overcome all sorts of hurdles. Leave your phone behind, have fun and have an experience which will be forever imprinted in your head and you will never need a clip to remember it again (you can always film it for your next video part).

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