Online Skate Clips and Motivation to Learn New Tricks

Online Skate Clips and Motivation to Learn New Tricks

You know how you watch a video and think “Hey I could maybe land that.” And other fallacies.

As a 35 year old manchild who still plays with his rolling carpet rider I find it harder and harder to even imagine progressing on my skate skills (forget about actually progressing). Few years back I used to watch skate videos to get some motivation before going to sesh.


Now I get a bit demotivated cause all the clips coming out now are just kids blowing away our idea of what is physically possible on a skateboard. Like I said I am not even able to imagine myself landing any of that. Is it that I have lost my imagination? Or have I just lost my motivation to progress (can someone please start a page to share videos of doable stuff)? Is this a defeatist attitude?


Too many questions too few answers. So maybe a different way of thinking would be that I am just following the wrong people. I need to be watching dudes who are better skaters than me but not one of those X-Men of Skateboarding pulling of kickflip frontblunt 360 shuvs (but this is why I watch videos…to be entertained, I mean I could watch daewon song all day).


So now I cut back on all the videos on thrasher and all the other famous publications and watch more stuff from Indian skaters. I mean nothing can motivate more than watching the stoke unfurl on a familiar place with familiar people. Big shout out to all my India skater buddies keeping the fire lit (not just in the scene but also in me). Now I need my daily dose of some Indian shred action before going to skate.

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