Skateboarding. Dropping In, Never Out.

Skateboarding. Dropping In, Never Out.

Skateboarding. Dropping in , never out. Ever since I started skating I have met a number of people (for the first time) who would say “oh you a skater? I used to skate when I was younger and I could kickflip and all but I don’t anymore.” They will go on to list all the skaters they know personally (translation ‘heard of’) always starting with Tony Hawk and Bam Margera.

I always wondered is there some age at which you just stop skating? I mean is that even possible? Is it like any other childhood obsession that you grow out of or is there a certain point in your life where you think you have other things more pressing than grinding that kerb you saw on your way to work in the morning… I think not.

There are tons of skaters who keep skating till their bodies don’t allow them to move a certain way (injuries or just not staying healthy) but the fire still burns on the inside. Then what is this group of people who quit skating? I have asked some (quitters?)who I have met and have reached two possible conclusions based on their answers.

One is that some are just lying and they were never really skaters and just claim to have skated to seem cool or something. Or two they have had some bad experience with other skaters (not skateboarding itself) which made them give up skating. It is clear that skateboarding isn’t a sport you just stop playing or a lifestyle you just give up without strong reasons.

As a skater you would tend to hang out with other socially awkward rejects like yourself who have a hard time expressing themselves and find that they are often misunderstood. Remember to be nice to your fellow humans (skaters or otherwise) because the number one cause of people quitting skating is other skaters.

I wouldn’t want to be the reason someone wanted to get out of skateboarding. It gives me so much joy and I am sure it would hurt to have to distance yourself from the scene. Skateboarding itself can’t hurt you (I mean physically it can but not in the deeper harder sense) it’s the people in your life that truly can cause misery.

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