Skateboarding is better together

Skateboarding is better together

There was once a kid who got a skateboard, he was the talk of the street cause he could kickflip. But he wouldn’t skate with you unless you could ollie over a coke can. So he skated mostly alone. The others started skating together and got better than him at it. Don’t be that kid. Push your friends ahead not away. True story .

Scene: you are at a sesh and one of the homies is trying a crook shuv out of a kerb at your local. Everyone else is busy doing their own thing but you are just sitting and watching like a lurker.
So now you got two choices
1. You could cheer your buddy on and motivate him to land this trick today.
2. You could jeer him and tell him he couldn’t do it so as to egg him into landing this trick today.
3. You shout out advice even though you never landed or even tried this trick ever.

Back story : he/she has been trying this for the past week, everyday and is now totally frustrated.

The goal is still to motivate but it is important to know your friend well enough to choose the right technique to goad him to roll away from that. Remember we are only as good as the company we keep so the better everyone gets the better you get. I mean I never got better unless I was skating with dudes who skated better than me.
Now that your friend had landed the crook shuv it’s time to stop lurking an start skating.

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