Skaters Stick Together or Here Is A Free Sticker/Tee Shirt, Shut The F*#@ Up.

Skaters Stick Together or Here Is A Free Sticker/Tee Shirt, Shut The F*#@ Up.

Do you believe skateboarding should be left in the hands of skateboarders? Do you think the skate community should be allowed to choose who among them should represent the community at competition? Do you want to go compete in the Olympics?

Well if you want to compete in the Olympics as a skateboarder remember that none of this goes down how you want it to (or does it). Vultures (read RSFI/ world skate dick suckers) are already circling for the international trips and chances to get some free shit. Since the roller skaters know that they look ridiculous post 1980 they are now jumping on the skateboarding bandwagon to make it seem like we are all part of the same crew.

To do this they have the simplest plan used for millennia. They infiltrate the skate community by offering some individuals some free tee shirts and ask them to spread the word of our unity (this includes skateboarders, roller skaters and roller bladers).

I keep hearing this ‘skaters united’ bullshit, like as if that is even a real thing. It is just a phrase used by opportunists to get all the idiots on board ….on board. The skate community is getting further fragmented by the day by various groups and individuals who want skateboarding to owe them something. And when they don’t get what they feel they are owed, they bad mouth other skaters /groups and promote the fragmentation of our community.

It’s kinda like elections in our great democracy - Votes for cash/booze. In our skate community, support for your narrative can be easily arranged by giving out some free stuff. It all has to start with an us/them ie. first you have to identify the ‘them’ group so you can start giving out the ‘us’ propaganda. Then comes the 'skaters unite’ advocacy and finally the “if you are not with us you are against us” rhetoric.

Once the gears are set there is no fighting the machine. If you voice against it you become a pariah in your own community, in something you maybe even helped start and now despise. I hope every skater remembers how they got kicked out of their local roller skating rink by the oh so cool bladers in their tights and also remember who really supported the skate community before there was skateboarding in the Olympics. Who am I kidding “where are my free tee shirts?”

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