Something Is Lacking In Delhi or Why Every City Needs A Skatepark Centrally Located

Something Is Lacking In Delhi or Why Every City Needs A Skatepark Centrally Located

I've been in Delhi for a week now and on the weekend I contacted the local skate community to have a skate with them. Well to clarify I am in greater Noida actually and it’s in a different state almost. The nearest skatepark is close to 2 hours away and all the local (Delhi) skaters are located all over the city and surrounding areas.

I mean Delhi is huge , probably one of the biggest cities in the world. So the mere thought of travelling every other day to hang out with the community is enough to demotivate the skate right out of anyone. I am blessed to live close to my local park and most of the homies moved so they could all love being around the same place.

So we get to hang out often and really keep the scene going together. A place like Delhi maybe needs multiple parks around the city because like I came to realise there are like 5 cities in Delhi. I cannot stress enough about how a skatepark changes the local skate scene for the better. It gives everyone a space to meet up and do whatever they feel like doing and gives the locals a place to call their own. It gives ownership to the skaters and allows for better creative ideas.

Delhi probably has the best street spots in India. I mean the main city is built to reflect it’s stature as the capital of the country so you can read that as granite and smooth surfaces at every corner. No matter how good the spots are, the skaters still need a place which belongs to them. A skatepark is not just a place to skate, it is the heart of the local scene where you meet up often and go out on street missions and also where you can just hang out with like minded people when you are not even skating.

The skatepark is where you can do your events without having to rent a space and having to go through all the hassles of permissions and the like. It motivates skaters to go the distance because you know you are not getting busted from a spot 20 minutes after you travelled and hour to get there.

A centrally located park will also allow the public to see skateboarding (most people on India haven’t ever seen a skateboard) which would raise interest and more skaters will be born. It allows for the free intermix of various creative interests like Graffiti, bmx, tattoos, dance and all sorts of other stuff. It’s It’s just a matter of time before more skateparks come up around the country, I would imagine the capital should have been one of the first cities in India to get one.

Well skaters, time to pool your contact resources to make a skatepark within the city. Let’s not forget they do have a park in Mojoland which is just outside the city (technically in Haryana which is a different state) but it is a tall order to make trips there often for most of the skaters. Time to start pushing for the outcome we want for ourselves in the future. Delhi skaters spread your nets for space and funds.

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  • Divyanshu Jimmy

    One or two years back we tried pitching the idea to current state govt along with almost all the local delhi skaters

    We also got the replies from the office of Deputy chief Minister for an appointment but unfortunately due to some odd reasons nobody was able to make it to the appointment.

    We sent them an email with a proposal to grand funds and land to built a skatepark along with sharing about friends in Bangalore who can take up the work of designing, architecting and building skatepark, that is Holystoked guys.

    We can still loop you in the official email chain along with other local skaters who were already looped in.

    Or atleast we may use the conversation as a reference to add more spark to this idea.

    Let me.know.

    Looking forward to the reply

    Greetings of the season.


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