Stop Giving Credibility to the BS Out on The Internet

Stop Giving Credibility to the BS Out on The Internet

On clicking the “like” button and being a social media zombie 


There used to be a time when if you were good at something, nice to people they would notice and be like, “There is something we can all get behind.” Now it seems like if you shout loud enough you will get a crowd of (mindless) followers no matter what you are screaming.


Ever been scrolling Facebook or Instagram (mindlessly), see some random crap promoted or reposted and you just click the like button or worse the share button? There was no research to see if that post was real. I mean who cares it’s just a button.


If you like the page that was started by Neo-Nazis you are automatically racist, but if you like the page with pornography you are promoting human slavery. If you like a page which is obviously some sort of pose you my friend are very much promoting that sort of behaviour and are a poser yourself (but did you check up on that post?).


I saw an ad the other day on Facebook claiming you can become “ skateboarding instructors” and below that it said “no experience in skateboarding necessary.” This seemed like a contradiction. I see though that a bunch of skaters I know online have liked this post (huh?). I even saw it happening in front of me.


My friend let’s call him S(sucka) , was going through his feed and he sees a new skate brand let’s call it BS(bull shit) opening in India and they claim to be skater owned as well. So S clicks the like button on their page. So then I asked him to go through their page and see if he believed he would really want to support this brand. So S is a typical , by which I mean typical of everything today. It’s all aimed at short attention spans and lowering IQs while at the same time making you immune to real feelings.


The page has big support from Indian skaters who all the while talk about how BS is a bunch of posers trying to cash in on skateboarding in India, now that there actually is some skateboarding in India. Well it’s kind of like elephant tusks. We needed people to stop supporting the elephant industry before we could get people to stop poaching elephants.


I urge everyone to look into what skate organizations you support because as “world skate” ( the organisation that controls skateboarding competitions leading up to the Olympics) has taught us anyone can just jump up and grab a piece of skateboarding and there will be skaters lining up to line those people’s pockets. And why? Because they really found the post attractive and eye catching? Because they see an opportunity for themselves and hope if they start supporting this organization it will support them back?


None of the above. Remember “S”? I asked him to go through the BS page to see if he would wanna support this brand. Well like the typical he is he didn’t read anything and found out nothing. But he will continue to click like on any post that comes by him. Don’t be like Sucka and don’t be like BullShit but especially don’t be a Sucka. So skaters, support real shit and stop giving credibility to online posts which will influence people who don’t know (cause you know better).

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