Where to skateboard if your city lacks a Sk8 park?

Where to skateboard if your city lacks a Sk8 park?

Skateboarding in India is hard enough with the rough streets and non existant pavements. Skateparks are few and far between the massive country that is India.
Though the biggest problem is that when you do find a legit skate spot it invariably is a bust. Within the first 30 minutes just as you warmed up to the spot either a 
security guard shows up or some officius sort of uncle/aunty character asks you to immedeately stop what you are doing. So here is 
a few spots that exist in every city (all you need to do is go out and find them).

1. The abandoned building
Every city/town in India is undergoing massive amounts of new construction. Because of market speculation there are a ton of new buildings that pop up with now
buyers in the immedeate future. There are tons of oppurtunities at these spots with smooth ground and marble ledges. Security is usually lax and if there is any
a bottle of old monk will usually help to seal the place as a skate spot.

2. The sympathetic shop keeper
Look for shop fronts which have stairs along with a good run up and a smooth landing area. There might be a shop keeper who is either entertained by the skating
or might empathize with skateboarders. This might sound impossible but trust me there are lots of people who get excited watching skateboarding. 

3. The empty old people's park
Public parks in India are usually places where senior citizens walk around in the mornings and evenings. These parks sometimes have benches/kerbs which can be
sessioned freely while the old folk are home.

4. The Condominium friends
There are lots of people living in condominiums and gated communities these days. Aprtment complexes like these always are chock full of skate spots like hubbas, 
stairs and ledges. With a little networking you will find that a friend of a friend lives in one of these.Introduce him/her to skateboarding, get invited over with your 
buddies and go have a good skate. 

5. The Fullpipe warehouse
Due to the development all over the cities as new suburbs pop up everyday the water and sewage board of every city lays new pipes. LARGE Pipes. And more often
than not there will be a delay in the work which leads to these pipes being stored on the side of the road. You know what a full pipe on the side of the road means?

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