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Cave Skatepark classes

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You will learn all of the fundamental moves for any beginner in skateboarding, such as, pushing and stopping, pumping, carving, dropping in and many more. These steps are essential in the progression of skateboarding for beginners and learning to do them in a safe, positive and fun environment with professional coaches is a perfect way to get them all down quickly. 


Many skills learnt at the skatepark will be beneficial in everyday life too. The focus and engagement you have whilst learning tricks is a skill that transcends skateboarding, it has a meditative effect and builds great character. The feeling you get when you land a trick you've been trying for an is like no other it’s incredible and this is what skateboarding is about and why it is so rewarding.


Skateboarding is not just about doing tricks though, it is so much more. It celebrates the creativity in each individual and encourages freedom of expression through play and being apart of a positive, ever-growing community. You will meet like minded people who encourage and inspire you to be better. 


Come down on the weekend and give it a go!