Skate Team


Running the oldest skate shop in the country, Holystoked has always been the pioneers of innovation in the skate culture of India. While we were going through super smooth roads, who are we kidding, the bumpy streets, both with and without aim, along with a sense of purpose and responsibility, we supported several skaters, DIY projects through skate tours, and charities.

Yeah, we did a lot of things, but nothing was as close to our hearts as supporting our skate team. Under the initiative of the man who has zero fear of falling, Amit Subba, as the team manager, we put together a skate team.


                   Team Manager                                                          

Amit Subba skater profileShraddha Gaikwad Skater ProfileAkash Gandhi Skater Profile Mahin Tandon Skater profile


Team Riders

Right now, at this moment, as the world continues to exist (hopefully), Shraddha Gaikwad, Akash Gandhi, Ravi Kumar Reddy, Giovani Majaw and Mahin Tandon are part of the team.

We hook them up with international skate goods and brands, high-quality (approved by Holystoked) merchandise, and travel funds to go on skate trips and competitions.   


We’re always on the lookout to support new and upcoming skaters. Think you have what it takes to shred like u? Feeling frustrated because no one understands why you love to skate? DM us your skate clips and maybe, we will take you along and help you in your journey as a pro skater!