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Bloody Mary

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  • Four parts organic cotton to keep things breathable and comfortable
  • Two parts coconut shell buttons because sustainability is our necessity
  • A dash of red for masala

Blended by ethically sourced labour. Topped off with quick-dry material. Tested by skateboarders.


Crafted by skillful tailors in Bangalore, trained in the art of shirt-making for over 20 years. Using only 100% organic materials from thread to ink and ethically sourced labour, this shirt symbolises what Holystoked stands for – sustainability. Tested on the streets of Bangalore, this shirt is perfect for extreme outdoor activities. Have a hands-free skate session, by carrying your essentials in the large front pocket. Wash your shirt at night and wear it the next day, the magic of quick-dry. You’ll also notice it's softer on your skin - you’re welcome.

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